The restaurant of Asian Cuisine, Mikado is full of wonderful experiences and culinary delights. Here you can find an array of amazing dishes that make for the perfect combination for a delicious meal. If you’re looking for a truly unique gastronomic experience, then Mikado at Desert Springs JW Marriott restaurant in Palm Desert, CA is the place to be!

Mikado Restaurant Features

Mikado is a Japanese restaurant that offers traditional bento box lunches, sushi, traditional dishes and modern specialties. The menu is full of a diverse range of flavors, as it combines Tokyo-style street food with classic Japanese culinary influences. The chefs at Mikado prepare each meal with an artful touch, crafting each portion with high standards of excellence.

All the dishes are made with exquisite produce, fresh ingredients and sauces, giving the most delicious and flavorful dishes you can ever taste. From appetizers to entrees, you can enjoy the best of what Japanese cooking has to offer. The restaurant also has an extensive selection of beer, sake, wine and other drinks, perfect for pairing your meal with.


When dining at Mikado, you can expect to be enveloped in a home-like atmosphere that is as welcoming as it is bright and cheerful. The restaurant offers a casual and relaxed atmosphere, so you can truly enjoy the dishes and let the aromas fill your senses. The colorful atmosphere of Mikado is further complemented with the cuisine’s unique touches in presentation and flavor, making the experience even more special.

You can also enjoy the traditional Japanese omakase experience at Mikado, which is a tailored tasting menu led by the restaurant’s professionally trained chefs. Each course is carefully planned and prepared so as to bring out the most enjoyable flavors of each dish.


Q: What kind of cuisine can I expect to eat at Mikado?

A: You can expect to find traditional Japanese dishes, sushi, bento box lunches, and other modern culinary specialties.

Q: Is there a video tour of the restaurant?

A: Yes, here is a video tour of the restaurant: